Committee on Christian Education
and Publications Receives New Name

Houston, Texas – June 18, 2014 – The 42nd General Assembly approved a name change for the Committee on Christian Education and Publications (CEP) which will now be known as the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM).  “For a number of years, we have considered making a change to our name to better convey the relational aspects of our ministry. In discussing the many options, we kept returning to our biblical charter – make disciples” said Coordinator, Stephen Estock.  Read more…

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the Faith

by Steve Smallman

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Kids Under


by Sue Jakes

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  • Basics of the Faith


    BASICS OF THE FAITH SERIES–STUDY AIDES CDM has written the following Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to studies these great works with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting. How Our Children Come to FaithWhat is a … Continued

  • RYM/YXL Mid Atlantic


    As you probably know already, CEP has undergone a bit of a transformation over the last few years.  Most notably was the hiring of Dr. Stephen Estock as the new coordinator and most noticeably was our name change to CDM (Committee on Discipleship Ministries).  Along with those major changes, came a new website, a rebranding, … Continued

  • Child Safety Resources

    Child's Hands

    “All church leaders should become informed and take an active stance toward preventing child sexual abuse in the church by screening staff and volunteers, training them in child protection, and actively maintaining child protection policies pertaining to our obligations to love our children and protect their rightful interests as God’s image-bearers from the devastating actions of abusers.” (Matthew 18:5-6)